Monday, July 20, 2015

Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum, DC

I was a bit surprised at how my daughter got excited over the planes being in doors, I thought she wouldn’t notice, but she did. This Museum is exciting especially if you’ve never been on a plane. There is a display of airplanes and what they look like on the inside. Other than the planes for travel, there is also the fighter jet planes to get the little soldiers excited. 

You get to see the inside of what a cockpit looks like with all the gadgets and timers here and there. You could take a picture in there and literally pretend you were on a real plane.

There are also displays of old planes for you to brush up on your history. I found an interesting section of the old rules required for choosing a flight attendant, luckily a lot has changed since then. 

Then of course something for the little astronauts, you can check out the cool outfits worn while in space. There is also a section where the kids get to see how an airplanes engine works, with simple explanations, this is a good learning experience for everyone.

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