Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, DC.

For a long time I passed by the Basilica and just admired the building, I can't tell you how many times I took a picture of it and put it up on my Instagram but every time I planned to go in, I would always get distracted. When my aunt came to visit she insisted on going to the gift shop inside the building, so I jumped on board to take her there. As I walked in I left her at the store and decided to tour around, I went without a guide, though there are options of getting one if you choose. I was rather down that day but I tell you as I walked in I just felt lifted. I strolled in to several rooms, they were little prayer rooms here and there and it was just so peaceful that I could hear my thoughts finally. 

You totally forget what's outside when you walk in and especially on a weekday when people are few. I thought i'd seen the best part and then I walked in to a huge chapel upstairs where the reverend sisters were singing along to music in the background. 

I could honestly say that I thought I was in heaven. It was such a beautiful experience and instantly my mood changed and was lifted, I had a lot on my mind that day but I felt lighter when I left there. If you are having a bad day, I totally recommend this beautiful experience for anyone just looking to lift his or her spirit. You really don’t have to be religious to enjoy this, I basically didn’t interact with anyone but I felt like something did with me in a great way. If you appreciate art you will marvel at the elaborate work done in the building.

If you want to drive, there's a huge parking lot across the lot from the shrine or you can take the Metro to Brookland CUA on the red line and walk down to Michigan Avenue. Famous landmarks by it include the Catholic University and also the best of the best Trinity Washington University. You could go with a group or if you prefer, have perfect alone time you will never forget.

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