Saturday, October 3, 2015

Fall is back. Goodbye to outdoor fun in Maryland. Bretton Woods Resort & Nasa Goddard Space Flight Center.

Just before the summer ended I got random invites by friends and family to enjoy the last few days of the warm sunshine. A friend of mine invited my daughter and I to attend a sports day event at this awesome resort called Bretton Woods in Maryland. 

I of course have never passed up good fun so I drove down there with my daughter to enjoy our day. All dressed up in our sports gear we were ready to join in the fun. Once we arrived, there were buses right by the parking lot ready to take guests towards the huge field. 

First off, I had to support my friend at his football match and then I walked over to check out the archery field. Luckily there was an instructor :). Everyone was joining in on one activity or the other. 

There was swimming, Tennis, miniature gulf, a playground for the smaller kids & sports all round for everyone. I guess all the fun got my little princess exhausted so it was nap time and more time for me to plan our next activity. 

So a family member of mine had this great idea for us to go see the Nasa Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland. I don't know too much about Space but this was a great opportunity to get to know a little more. Apparently the center only opens once in 3 years to the public. The place was crowded and there were buses taking visitors from one building to the next. So much to see, so little time.

Tip: Definitely park across the street at the shopping complex, there is no parking allowed on the grounds at the space center. On open days, there are buses driving to nearby metro stations to pick up visitors and drop them off at the center.

There were food trucks all around with the best of the best. The center had events for all ages. We took the kids over to learn a few things. Then we got on the bus to the visitor center. There were images and structures mimicking the planets and the cool gadgets astronauts use up in space. 

The kids were certainly exhausted from a long hot day so we didn't get to see every building. Up Up and Away we went but we certainly enjoyed this summer afternoon. Was a great summer, indoor fun here we come!

Click below for more details on viewing the Goddard center if you definitely can't wait for open day 


  1. Nice read. You pick out the best alternative fun spots. Places I'd never think both kids n adults can enjoy. Great stuff!!!

  2. Nice read. You pick out the best alternative fun spots. Places I'd never think both kids n adults can enjoy. Great stuff!!!

  3. Love it! Educational and yet fun for the kids.

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