Friday, December 18, 2015

Back to Michigan for Thanksgiving but off to Chicago (Part 2).

Chicago here we come! So after some turkey and good time with family, my daughter and I ventured on to Chicago to see the big city. There was so much traffic driving in to the city on a Saturday so I decided we go sightseeing on Sunday morning. I had heard of the Big Bean over at Millennium Park for ages and just had to get a glimpse of that magic sculpture. 

While driving down we got to see Grant Park and passed by so many huge towers. Everything just looked so grand, seemed like the mini Big Apple (NY).  

We drove down to Michigan avenue to take a look at the city. It was so quiet that morning in contrast to the day before. We parked over by the Art Institute of Chicago and then there it was, the magic bean surrounded by other interesting sculptures that scared the life out of me. It was a display of these huge 3D sculptures of human heads in the park. It was very freaky but unbelievably real. 

Everyone had said this town was really windy but surprisingly that day the weather was just right.

There was this great display of faces on a screen that apparently spit water at you now and then. There was fun activity for the family right outside the park like the skating ring right by a Park & Grill restaurant, lots of people joined in or just stood by enjoying the scenery.

We literally spent less than an hour exploring this great park and then we were off on the road again back to Maryland. That drive down was 12, did I say 12, 12 hours. It was unbelievably long but it was one of my best trips ever. Got to relax, got to spend time with family and of course I got to keep great memories I will never forget. 

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