Sunday, August 16, 2015

West Virginia here we come.

I was minding my business when my sister asked me to go with her to Morgantown in West Virginia. She needed help moving apartments for the school year so she literally bribed me with a pic of a scenic view I couldn’t resist. I hit the road with my buddy and the kids as we always do. It was a perfect weekend for this because the sun was out all through and the road down was well worth it. There were several scenic sites we stopped to see, the first stop was the Monocacy National Battlefield in Frederick, MD. 

Not spending too much time there we jumped back in the car and drove off to the next scenic site which was the Vietnam Veterans Memorial located on Maryland's Interstate 68. Its location was between great mountains and a view that took our breath away.

We finally approached West Virginia and as I always do, I took a picture of the welcome sign which the beautiful sunny day decided to outshine.

Not too long after this we got to my sisters apartment and did a little packing then decided to call it a night. The next morning we U-hauled her stuff to the new apartment near West Virginia University. We literally got back on the road a few hours after all this, was a bit hectic but as I said the views were worth it. Just before leaving we stopped over to get the famous Sonic milkshakes, was unbelievably delicious, all I could think of in my head was gymmmmmm. Well worth it though :).

The first scenic view on our way back was Cheat Lake. We saw this view from the road, we didn't stop here but it was spectacular even from a distance.

So the scenic view my sister promised to take me to earlier was Coopers Rock State Forest. I was on a mission to get there while the sun was still out that evening. 

There was a narrow road leading up to the site, the trees on both sides of the road gave such a grand effect to our approach.

We finally got there. I was blown away at the view. No view I had ever seen before this could top this. It was breath taking. 

The great part about Coopers Rock is it has hiking trails, camp grounds and as we saw, open buildings for celebrations. When we arrived, the West Virginia University wrestling team were celebrating with family at the top of this mountain, there was just a great atmosphere all around.

So back on the road once more, it was getting really late so we stopped over at Frostburg, Maryland to call it a night. A favorite cousin of mine had checked us in at the Hampton Inn so we were early to bed for the drive for the next day. The view in the morning from our window was superb, another beautiful view added to this impromtu road trip.

After breakfast with the kids we got back on the road and mistakenly went off our route to come across this resort outside Cumberland, hopefully we will be visiting it again soon.


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