Friday, August 21, 2015

Chesapeake Bay Fishing Piers, MD.

If you like fishing, you can drive down to the Chesapeake Bay Fishing Piers down in Maryland. It took me about an hour to get there but believe it or not I don’t do fishing. I was heading to North Beach when I stumbled across the Pepper Langley’s Fishing Pier. 

For those who do fish and prefer smaller crowds, this is the place for you. It seemed very private and serene in comparison to fishing at North Beach. If you don’t have your fishing rod, you can rent one from the small fishing kiosk nearby. There’s also a picnic area for you to catch your breath after all the hard work and luckily there's a place for refreshments. 

Like a lot of places in Maryland, you can catch up on your history as well. 

For me, I decided to enjoy the view then move on to North Beach because it also has other family activities. The North Beach is also one of the Chesapeake Bay Fishing Piers but here you can catch your fish and take a swim. During the summer, there is always buzzing activity and Fridays are especially fun here. Literally there’s something for the guys, for the gals and the kids. You can check out the exhibition of vintage cars lined up in front of the beach.

 You can walk down to the Farmers market to get some fresh fruits, vegetables, home made popcorn and all sorts of snacks. (Only on Fridays). There is a long line of indoor stores and restaurants right by the beach as well if you want to walk around a little more.

After walking around, I cooled off by the sand with my daughter. While she made her sand castles, I watched the birds and just enjoyed the colorful sky.

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