Friday, January 27, 2017

Colonial Williamsburg and Busch Gardens adventures

Twas the night before Christmas :) just kidding. During the day before Christmas, I decided to take a ride down to Colonial Williamsburg with my little team. We packed our bags and were off on another adventure.

My sis booked a hotel for us at the Holiday Inn at Busch Gardens and had practically come up with a whole itinerary for our trip which took us about two and a half hours to get there. When we arrived it was raining but nothing was going to ruin Christmas eve. We got to the Holiday Inn, awesome staff, great rooms.  The hotel just recently opened and I can swear that I was probably the first ever to take a shower in our bathroom. Anyways we dropped our stuff, got ready and then went straight for mass at an old church in Merchant square called Bruton Parish Church. This church was built in 1674.

Pic above taken at Busch Gardens

We left mass a bit early to catch the Christmas tree lighting at Merchant Square. It was really dark right before the tree lights went up so if you ever go for this don't go without a torchlight.

So after this, as we believe - the night was still young. We went off to Busch Gardens. It was like a dream. Different themes in every corner we turned. The entrance was all set up like we were in England and then we slowly walked in to Germany and Paris. You need to visit during Christmas to understand what I'm blabbering about. There were grand lights everywhere and lots of shows to enjoy.

We passed by Santa's workshop, he gave us a little wave through the window, got my daughter on her best behavior lol. There was even fake snow outside his workshop aka bubbles, could have fooled me :).

We went to see the play, Twas the night before Christmas - good call by my sis. It was all so magical! My little one was in a trance watching this - literally!

After all the fun and play we went back to our hotel for a well deserved rest. The next morning was Christmas and we were out and about again checking out Merchant's Square. 

This town was definitely unique and a great way for kids to catch up on a bit of history while having fun. For a perfect end to the trip, we drove back to Maryland that Christmas morning right in time for Santa's gifts to be opened :)

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