Sunday, October 23, 2016

Myasthenia Gravis - A Walk to Remember - MG Walk Betty Steps

Earlier this month I joined my aunt on her walk to beat Myasthenia Gravis at the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal National Historical Park. She had been dealing with this disease for many years and it had affected her life and her families' so deeply. At some point in time she lost mobility and had to go through therapy to retrain her body to walk again. This day meant so much to everyone in her life, it was moving to see her walk those miles to prove to herself that she would overcome! So we got started.

We joined a group of families to hear a speech from my Aunt, she was the star of the day and she got much love from the crowd of supporters. Let the walk begin! We had to stop for a selfie with our Aunty B of course and her pretty daughter.

Even the kids were excited to join in on the walk or piggy back ride or a shoulder ride I would say.

After getting to 1.5miles, we stopped for a quick snack and drinks.

and selfies LOL

The kids finally got back to walking as well and dancing like Michael - typical!

My aunt made it all the way through. We were so proud of her. She was truly the team Captain. Go Aunty B!!!

If you enjoy hiking, riding bikes or getting some history up to date then do all three at this exciting park. More details right here.

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