Sunday, October 18, 2015

Walker Mill Regional Park, Woodland Wonderland, District Heights Maryland.

So I know I said goodbye to summer and outdoor fun but surprisingly the sun came out to play a little. A best friend of mine told me to join her and her son at the park one evening. She's mentioned this place several times but I really had no idea how awesome this park would be. It felt like finding a little treasure.

I parked over at the parking lot, there's a huge parking lot so don't worry about space. This park had great space for the kids and the best part for parents was it was absolutely no fee.

The park had several slides everywhere with creative designs. It literally looked like something out of snow white and the seven dwarfs.

The kids weren't getting tired anytime soon so luckily there were chairs stationed all over the place and a bathroom just incase. 

Tip: There was a map with different sorts of animals you could find all over the park. The kids can enjoy a scavenger hunt searching for the animals displayed on the map.

Tip: The kids can cool off after running around, the park has several hidden fountains. Look for the wooden stands with knobs to find this surprise. Watch this

Of course we mommy's had to do some exploring so we walked the entire park. There was a section for Basketball, Skate boarding, American football, Tennis, Soccer and Baseball. Im not kidding, this was all in one park. There was a little league team playing that evening so everyone was pumped for fun. 

Basket Ball Field

Skating Ring

There was also a trail for the hikers at heart and a cool space for picnics. 

 Picnic Stand

A perfect end to the evening. Definitely looking forward to more fun here in the summer. 

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